Discover the potential of Preem Alkylate Petrol to sustainably increase the service life and efficiency of your engines! Benefit from longer oil change and maintenance intervals, excellent protection against wear plus the highest levels of occupational, health and environmental protection.

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Preem Alkylate Petrol 2T and 4T are high-quality, eco-friendly special fuels for your 2 or 4-stroke engines. These special fuels have been tested and certified by the KWF board of trustees for forest work and forestry technology (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik) and comply with the Swedish standard SS 155461:2017.

Preem Alkylate Petrol effectively protects both operators and the environment from the toxic exhaust fumes produced when using conventional petrol. It is low in aromatics and sulphur and almost completely free of benzene, which is harmful to health and the environment. The warning symbol "hazardous to the environment" is unnecessary for Preem Alkylate Petrol.

Preem Alkylate Petrol guarantees a particularly long engine life thanks to clean combustion and reduced wear. This special fuel prevents deposits from forming in the engine thus reducing maintenance. Benefit from excellent engine performance at high and low temperatures due to very good cold start properties and high thermal stability.

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Benefits of Preem Alkylate Petrol

At a Glance

  • Not "hazardous to the environment" - so no warning symbol required
  • Almost completely free of benzene, which is harmful to health and the environment, low in aromatics and sulphur
  • Long engine life thanks to clean combustion and reduced wear
  • Excellent engine performance at low and high engine temperatures, very good cold start properties, thermal stability
  • Long shelf life without loss of quality (up to 5 years)

Preem Alkylate Petrol Product Range

Preem Alkylate Petrol sustainably increases the performance and service life of your engine and protects your health and the environment. Find out more about our products for 2 and 4-stroke engines here:

Preem Alkylat Petrol 2T (2-stroke)

Preem Alkylate Petrol 2T is a high-quality 2-stroke special fuel for use in chainsaws, brush cutters and other power tools with two-stroke engines. It is premixed with a fully-synthetic oil and ensures optimum lubrication during operation. 


Preem Alkylate Petrol 4T (4-stroke)

Preem Alkylate Petrol 4T is a high-quality 4-stroke special fuel for use in lawnmowers, garden tractors, snow throwers, boat motors and other four-stroke engines and two-stroke engines with separate oil lubrication. 

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Requirements for Alkylate-based Petrol

Heavy demands are placed on alkylate-based petrols. The specifications laid down by the KWF board of trustees for forest work and forestry technology (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik) and those of the Swedish standard SS 155461:2017 serve as the limiting values of 2 and 4-stroke special fuels. These limiting values differ only minimally.

KWF Special Fuels Quality Mark

​​​​​For its quality marks "KWF-Test-Special Fuel 2T" (KWF-Test-Sonderkraftstoff 2T) and "KWF-Test-Special Fuel 4T" (KWF-Test-Sonderkraftstoff 4T) the KWF Board of Trustees for forest work and forestry technology (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik) defines the folllowing reqirements (as of January 2021): 

Properties Unit Demands Test method
Benzene % [V/V] ≤ 0.08 DIN EN ISO 22854
Aromatics % [V/V] ≤1.0 DIN EN ISO 22854
n-hexane % [m/m] ≤ 0.5 ASTM D 5134
Cyclohexane compounds  % [V/V] ≤ 2.0 DIN EN ISO 22854
Olefins % [V/V] ≤ 1.0 DIN EN ISO 22854
Alcohols % [V/V] ≤ 0.5 EN 1601 (EFID)
Ketones / Ethers % [V/V] ≤ 0.5 EN 1601 (EFID)
Sulphur mg/kg ≤ 10.0 DIN EN ISO 22884 or DIN EN ISO 22846
Lead mg/l ≤ 2 DIN 51461-1
Cupper Corrosion - 1 DIN EN ISO 2160
RON - ≥ 93.0 DIN EN ISO 5164
MON - ≥ 90.0 DIN EN ISO 5163
Oxygen content or oxygen compounds % [m/m] ≤ 0.1 DIN EN ISO 22854
Density kg/m³ 680 – 720 DIN EN ISO 3675 or DIN EN ISO 12185

Course of distillation 

70 °C 

100 °C 

150 °C

% [V/V]


15 – 42 

40 – 72 


EN ISO 3405
Boiling point °C ≤ 200 EN ISO 3405
Distillation residue % [V/V]

2T: 3.0

4T: 1.0

EN ISO 3405
Vapor pressure (DVPE) kPa 55.0 – 65.0

EN 13016-1

Winter quality possible, but has to be marke on the label. Limits adjusted to DIN 51642:2020-09

2-T oil content % [V/V] 1.5 – 2.0 (pure oil content) DIN EN ISO 6246
Oil quality - Low smoke high performance lubricant JASO FB / FC / ISO-L-EGD
Practicality Testing for irritation symptoms and practicality on at least two professional tools 

Swedish Norm SS 155461:2017

The Swedish Norm SS 155461:2017 defines the following requirements for alkylate-based petrols: 

Properties Unit Demand Test method


% [V/V]

≤ 0.1

SS-EN 238

SS-EN ISO 22854


% [V/V]

< 1.0

SS 155120

SS-EN ISO 22854


% [m/m]

< 0.5

ASTM D 5134

SS-EN ISO 22854

Cyclohexane compounds

% [V/V]

< 2.0

ASTM D 5134

SS-EN ISO 22854


% [V/V]

< 1.0

SS-EN 15553



≤ 10.0

SS-EN ISO 20846

SS-EN ISO 20884

SS-EN ISO 16591



≤ 2

SS-EN 237



≤ 2

SS-EN 16135

SS-EN 16136

Cupper corrosion



SS-EN ISO 2160



≥ 93.0

SS-EN ISO 5164



≥ 90.0

SS-EN ISO 5163

Density (15°C)


680 – 720

SS-EN ISO 12185

Course of distillation

70 °C 

100 °C 

150 °C

% [V/V]


15 – 42 

46 – 72 


SS-EN ISO 3405

Boiling point


≤ 200


Distillation residue

% [V/V]

2T: 3

4T: 1


Vapor pressure (DVPE)


Summer: 55.0 – 65.0 

Winter: 55.0 - 95.0

SS-EN 13016-1

2-T oil content

% [V/V]

1.7 ± 0.3

SS-EN ISO 6246

Look, smell

Clear and bright, neither smelly nor irritating


The Difference Between Alkylate-based Petrol and Conventional Petrol

Alkylate-based petrol is intended for use in power tools. For such fuels, the requirements are higher than for petrol intended to fuel vehicles in terms of both operational and external environmental properties. Alkylate-based petrol is not intended for use in road vehicles.

Alkylate-based petrol should be used whenever people come into direct contact with exhaust fumes, as the fumes from such petrol contains up to 99% fewer harmful hydrocarbons. It consists almost entirely of paraffin oils and contains only very small amounts of olefins and aromatics - less than 1% according to the specifications of the KWF and the Swedish standard SS 155461:2017. The sulphur and benzene content is also very low. The proportion of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances, or compounds toxic to reproduction in alkylate-based petrol is therefore much lower than in conventional petrol, making it much better for health and the environment.

Engine performance can also be sustainably increased with alkylate-based petrol, since the clean combustion prevents deposits from forming and thus reduces wear.

The density of alkylate-based petrol is lower than that of conventional petrol. It is therefore advisable to check the mixture control setting in the carburettor and, if necessary, in the fuel injection before using alkylate-based petrol. It should be adjusted if necessary (set it richer) in order to prevent starting difficulties and/or misfiring.

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