The paper industry must be able to rely on smoothly running papermaking machines, regardless whether it’s for newspaper, tissue paper or corrugated board. Extreme conditions are the norm: over 2000 m/min, high temperatures and tremendous strain from dirt, water and chemical reactions characterise the environment around paper machines. Resource efficiency also plays a central role, especially with regards to the high energy requirements in paper manufacturing. With our decades of expertise in lubricants and our comprehensive service programme, we can uncover potential savings and optimise your production processes.

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Proper selection and monitoring of lubricants can extend oil life, improve system cleanliness, and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This reduces your material, energy and disposal costs as well as your maintenance and repair costs. As a result, plant productivity and occupational safety increase thanks to fewer interventions. Our sustainable lubrication concepts also help to achieve company energy management goals, e.g. certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes high-performance Mobil™ lubricants and greases. They are characterised by extremely long tool life, excellent component protection and increased availability and service life of your machines. The high-performance oils Mobil SHC™ PM, Mobilith SHC™ PM, Mobil DTE™ PM Series and Mobil Paper Machine Oil S were specially developed for the pulp and paper industries. Optimised in terms of energy efficiency, they can significantly reduce your energy requirements and rising energy costs by increasing efficiency and lowering the oil temperature. This allows us to achieve demonstrable savings of up to 6%, making sustainable increases in productivity possible. It goes without saying that Mobil™ oils and greases meet the specifications of the leading machine and plant manufacturers.

Our extensive range of services for the paper industry extends from oil analysis and questions of energy efficiency, right through to minimising the variety of products needed. These are only some of our many Fluid Management services.

Find out more about how our application engineers develop tailor-made lubricant solutions for the paper industry to achieve maximum productivity for your papermaking machines and accomplish your company's profitability and sustainability goals.

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Benefits for the Paper Industry

At a Glance

  • Specialised lubricants and greases for the pulp and paper industry approved by leading machine and plant manufacturers
  • Top performance even in extremely wet, dirty and chemically aggressive environments
  • Maximum protection of bearings and gears, even at high speeds (over 2000 m/min) and high steam temperatures (up to 200°C)
  • Potential energy savings with high-performance lubricants
  • Extended oil change intervals thanks to Mobil™ brand-name quality
  • Reduced maintenance and increased service life, efficiency and productivity of your systems
  • Reduced material and energy costs
  • Comprehensive lubrication services including oil analysis, oil-level monitoring and minimising the variety of products needed
  • Customised advice from our application technology department

Product Range

Here you will find an overview of our high-performance products for the paper industry. Our application engineers will be happy to help you select the right product for your application.

Circulating Oils

  • Mobil Paper Machine Oil S 220
    • High performance synthetic lubricant for demanding industrial paper machine circulating systems. Excellent low temperature start-up and outstanding thermal stability. Potential to lower energy consumption. Excellent colour stability. ISO VG 220.
  • Mobil SHC™ PM Series
    • High performance synthetic lubricant for demanding industrial paper machine circulating systems. Excellent low temperature start-up and outstanding thermal stability. Potential to lower energy consumption. ISO VG 150-320.
  • Mobil DTE PM Excel™ Series
    • CLP/HLP circulating oils for paper machines. Outstanding anti-wear protection. "Ultra Keep Clean" properties. ISO VG 150 & 220.
  • Mobil DTE PM™ Series
    • Circulating oils for paper machines with excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. High thermal stability. ISO VG 150 & 220.
  • Mobil DTE™ FM Excel Series
    • CLP circulating oils for paper machines with NSF H1 registration and Halal and Koscher approvals. Strong anti-wear protection and excellent temperature and oxidation stability. 
  • Mobil Glygoyle™ 30
    • High performance synthetic gear oil based on PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol) for the most severe conditions in all types of plain and anti-friction bearings and industrial enclosed gears up to a bulk oil temperature of 200°C.


  • Mobilith SHC PM™ Series
    • High performance wax-free synthetic greases for severe paper machine applications. Excellent wear protection under heavy loads, slow speeds, and high temperatures. Outstanding structural stability in the presence of water. Low volatility. NLGI 1.5 with ISO VG 220 & 460.
  • Mobil™ Centaur XHP 221
    • Premium multipurpose grease with excellent performance at high temperatures under wet, heavily loaded conditions. Outstanding thermal stability and strong anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. NLGI 1.5 with ISO VG 220.
  • Mobil™ Centaur XHP 460 Series​​​​​​​
    • Premium multipurpose greases with great stability in the presence of water. Excellence resistance to washout and outstanding anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. NLGI 1 & 2 with ISO VG 460.

Lubrication Services for the Paper Industry

As part of our HWU Lubtec Fluid Management services, we provide tailor-made lubrication services in order to optimise the availability and service life of your plant, thus increasing productivity while conserving resources.

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