Discover the potential of Mobil Pegasus™ gas engine oils and our tailor-made lubrication services to sustainably increase the service life and efficiency of your engines! Benefit from longer oil change and maintenance intervals, excellent wear and nitration protection and much more.

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Mobil Pegasus™ gas engine oils are premium lubricants for stationary gas engines. Designed for a wide range of engine types and different gaseous fuels, they meet the special requirements of the leading gas engine manufacturers.

Mobil Pegasus™ gas engine oils offer high load bearing capacity and effectively protect the engine against abrasion, wear&tear and fatigue. Unscheduled downtime can be avoided and the highest level of plant safety and availability guaranteed. Extended oil change intervals also reduce maintenance costs, enabling Mobil Pegasus™ gas engine oils to deliver sustainable increases in operational productivity.

Our experienced application engineers will work with you to evaluate the general conditions on-site in order to determine the demands placed on the gas engine oil. Based on this, we will offer you tailor-made lubrication solutions and lubrication services for your gas engines. Contact our application specialists now for your individual lubricant quote!

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Benefits of Mobil Pegasus™ Gas Engine Oils

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  • Extended service life and reduced maintenance load
  • High load bearing capacity and excellent wear protection
  • Outstanding protection against deposits and corrosion
  • High level of nitration stability
  • High level of thermal and oxidation stability
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness
  • Mobil™ brand-name quality
  • Customised advice and comprehensive services from our application engineering department

Mobil™ Pegasus Gas Engine Oils Product Range

For over half a century, the Mobil Pegasus™ series, designed to keep gas engines running efficiently and reliably, has helped our customers increase productivity and extend engine life. Feel free to use the oil guide below to make no-obligation enquiries as to the right gas engine oil for your gas engine. Our application engineers will be happy to help you select the right gas engine oil.

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Lubrication Services for Mobil™ Pegasus Gas Engine Oils

As part of our HWU Lubtec Fluid Management services, we provide tailor-made lubrication services for the use of your Mobil™ gas engine oils in order to optimise the availability of your transmission systems and thus increase productivity. 

More about our lubrication services for gas engine oils

Our application engineers will advise you individually on the optimum oil change intervals for your system(s). The recommendation is based on both the manufacturer's specifications and your operating conditions in terms of the engine, gas quality, oil volume and oil quality. Regular oil analysis to check the engine and oil condition play an important role in ensuring safe and efficient operation and maximising engine service life. You will receive detailed analysis reports from us that document the development of the most important parameters. Based on these reports, our application engineers will be in regular contact to discuss the condition of your system with you and identify further potential for increasing productivity.