Here at HWU Lubtec we use our experience as a lubricant supplier to develop innovative and sustainable lubrication concepts for customers in industry, power generation, agriculture and forestry, construction and transport as well as vehicle-repair garages.

As the largest strategic sales partner of ExxonMobil in Europe we are part of an extensive network and work closely with R&D, application engineering and the OEM department to provide you with the optimal lubrication solution any time you need.

We also maintain an extensive network with many other companies in the energy and mineral oil industry via our holding company, the Petronord Group, which is part of the globally operating Marquard & Bahls AG. This gives us quick access to a huge portfolio in the energy and lubricants markets, including our own brand Mabanol, with a great variety of options for customised lubrication concepts.

Since 2018 here at HWU Lubtec we have been combining the know-how of lubricant experts from both Hempelmann Wittemoeller GmbH, a strong family company with over 100 years of history as an energy supplier, and Uhlenbruck Energie GmbH & Co.KG, a reliable traditional company in the business of mineral oil products. We can look back on over 60 years of experience with Mobil™ high-performance lubricants, and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

We make all the difference: with our innovative and tailor-made lubrication concepts, we help you take a big step closer to your safety, environmental and economic goals. That's why we offer so much more than just high-quality oils and greases - we provide comprehensive, customised lubrication solutions to sustainably increase your productivity. Take advantage of our expertise and flexibility!

We're here to help

Our team of lubricant specialists, both in the field and in the office, are here to personally advise and help you with a comprehensive, customised lubrication concept. With the help of our own fleet of vehicles and our two large warehouses in Luebbecke and Kaarst, we can supply you with loose and packaged goods quickly and flexibly from the North Sea via the Ruhr area to the Harz Mountains. It goes without saying that our filling plants at both locations are certified according to ExxonMobil's strict quality guidelines.


Site Luebbecke

Rahdener Strasse 164
32312 Luebbecke
Ph.: +495741-3440-90
Fax: +495741-3440-40
Email: info@hwu-lubtec.de



Site Kaarst

Daimlerstrasse 25
41564 Kaarst
Ph.: +492131-17637-0
Fax: +492131-17637-20
Email: info@hwu-lubtec.de

Far more than Lubricants

You need more than just lubricants for your mobility or your living and working comfort? Fuel and Tankpool 24 cards for your fleet? Electricity, heating oil or natural gas for your buildings? As a member of the Petronord group of companies, we are very well connected and can draw on the industry knowledge of the globally operating, independent trading organisation Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG, itself a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls AG. Feel free to contact our affiliated companies Hempelmann Wittemoeller GmbH and Uhlenbruck Energie GmbH & Co. KG as well as other Petronord GmbH & Co. KG companies for your fuel, electricity, heating oil, natural gas, wood pellets, biofuel and bitumen needs. 

For specific cases should you need cleaning, filtration, coolant monitoring and more, we work closely with our service partners Braun Fluid Service GmbH, Optioil GmbH and em machines GmbH.