As part of our HWU Lubtec Fluid Management services, our comprehensive lubrication services programme leaves nothing to be desired! Below you will find a selection of further lubrication services that we can tailor to your individual requirements. Feel free to contact us about special requests – we will develop a tailor-made lubrication concept for you, including the appropriate services, and can draw on a huge network of specialist partners if required.

Technical Equipment for Lubricants

Everything from a single source - you can also get the right technical equipment from us tailored to your individual lubrication needs!

We will be happy to provide you with the right equipment for your oils, greases, coolants and AdBlue, as well as their storage and disposal. Or we can request it for you. Our comprehensive product portfolio of technical equipment includes tank wagons, pumps, grease guns, lubricant storage tanks, level indicators, oil analysis sets, skimmers, mixers, refractometers, measuring strips, oil binding agents and much more.

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System Cleaning

We would be happy to advise you whenever system cleaning is scheduled. We cooperate with partners who specialise in this service, which allows us to offer system cleaning that is tailored to your needs and is in line with standards of environmental sustainability and optimal protection of your machines and employees.

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Oil-Level Monitoring

Oil-level monitoring is essential for optimised storage and control of resources. We offer reliable devices to display the level for your oil drums, for instance. Constant level monitoring simplifies the optimisation of repeat orders and is the ideal inventory assistant.


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Warehousing and Logistics Solutions | Consignment Warehousing

With our two large warehouses for loose and packaged goods as well as our own vehicle fleet we can offer customer-specific storage and logistics solutions, such as a consignment warehousing. Feel free to contact us - we will develop a tailor-made concept for you for the flexible supply and collection of your lubricants and empties as well as for the disposal of waste oil.

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Product Optimisation | Lubrication Schedules | Colour Coding

With decades of expertise in lubricants, we are happy to assist you in all aspects of product optimisation. This is an important step towards a sustainable and cost-saving use of resources. We can work together to examine your processes and discuss the current lubricant requirements of your machinery. From this we can develop an overall concept outlining the potential to reduce the number of lubricant types. This increases procurement and warehousing efficiency and leads to significant savings in resources as well as in process and logistics costs. It also effectively avoids mix-ups of lubricant types during operation.

We would be happy to create a lubrication schedule for all the lubricants used in your company, including detailed surveys of each machine’s lubrication points and the individual re-lubrication intervals. This is an excellent way to keep all your lubrication requirements in view. With the help of our colour coding concept, our products can also be clearly marked on the lubrication schedule as well as on containers, refill containers and machines, thus simplifying lubricant handling even further.

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Waste Oil and Empties Disposal

The disposal of waste oil is subject to the strict rules of the Waste Oil Ordinance. As a result, waste oil must be properly disposed of as hazardous waste in order to prevent environmental damage. We offer to collect your empties as well as further individual disposal services for your waste oil.

Make your contribution to environmental protection and reduce your waste oil volume right from the start. With our sustainable lubrication concepts, you not only extend oil change intervals, but also increase the resource efficiency of your entire plant. This is reflected in lower costs for procurement, storage and disposal – a WIN-WIN for your company and the environment!

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ISO 50001 (Re-)Certification

Is your energy management system already certified according to ISO 50001, or are you currently aiming for such a certification?

Then we will be happy to support your sustainability goals with innovative lubrication solutions that have been proven to increase energy and material efficiency, reduce your CO2 footprint and can be used as a means of (re)certification. To this end, our application engineers will develop lubrication concepts tailored to your needs and carry out field tests with you to increase energy and material efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. We analyse and evaluate the results in a comprehensive report that documents your sustainability measures in detail.

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Thermal Imaging – Plant Inspection with a Thermal Camera

Our highly qualified application engineers can use thermal imaging cameras to carry out thermographic analysis of your systems and uncover optimisation potential - without interrupting production.

The operating temperature data provides information about the condition of system components and the lubricants used. It localises overheated components and highly stressed lubrication points, which can cause unscheduled downtime. We document the results of the thermographic examination in detail and make recommendations for action to reduce the stress on the components and minimise wear. This leads to lower maintenance costs and higher productivity at your plant.

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Engine Borescope Inspection

Our highly qualified application engineers can use borescope inspections to analyse the condition of your engine and identify potential for optimisation in order to increase productivity and efficiency. We carry out these inspections either as part of preventive maintenance or in response to irregular results of an oil analysis. Borescope inspections help to find faults and support upcoming lubricant changes.

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MobilBoxx™ - Space-saving Storage for Engine Oils

The Mobil Boxx™ is an innovative container concept that is particularly well suited for storage in small and medium-sized garages and for storing niche products. Your Mobil 1™ and Mobil Super™ engine oils are stored in 20 litre cartons in a compact oil rack and are ready to go.

"We've been looking for a way to make oil management cleaner and simpler for a while now while sticking with a packaging concept that matches our oil sales. The Mobil Boxx gives us exactly that. And on top of this, the Mobil Boxx ‘s design works really well with our core idea that structure is important – an idea we want to convey to our customers in everything we do." - Thomas Nater, AP Car Design

The Benefits:

  • Very easy to handle
  • Space-saving storage of stock
  • No dripping taps, clean and tidy appearance
  • Simple to estimate residual quantities
  • Simple and inexpensive disposal, no time-consuming disposal of containers necessary
  • Low risk of confusion with clear labelling of the oil cans
  • Low capital commitment

Test the advantages for yourself and talk to us about your individual Mobil Boxx™.

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Mobil 1™ Network Member Programme

The Mobil 1™ Network Member Programme offers independent garages an innovative lubrication concept to secure long-term customer loyalty. We adapt the design of the programme individually to your requirements, thus underpinning your positioning as a specialist garage for oil changes. Your garage’s image is always top priority.

The scope of the Mobil 1™ Network Member Programme at a glance:

  • Uniform, high-quality brand image through eye-catching branding of premises inside and out as well as extensive advertising material
  • Proof of product integrity by certifying as a licensed partner
  • Technical and promotional training
  • Exclusive products and services bring competitive advantage

We are happy to supplement the Mobil 1™ garage programme with further individual lubrication services and assist you whenever needed with regard to product optimisation and waste oil disposal etc. as part of our HWU Lubtec Fluid Management services.

Let us help you uncover new business potential with the help of these services and one of the world's leading brands for synthetic engine oils. The exclusive services offered by the Mobil 1™ Network Member Programme help you expand your oil change business and give you a sustainable competitive advantage by building a long-term customer loyalty strategy.

Over 4000 garages are already licensed partners throughout Europe and benefit from the advantages of the Mobil 1™ Network Member Programme. Use the synergy of a strong brand and become part of the Mobil 1™ family.



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Whether training in the basics or application-related workshops - we offer seminars on everything to do with lubricants. The content is individually tailored to your needs in order to provide you with the best possible support on your way to optimised lubrication management. If required, we will be happy to issue your employees with certificates of participation for the successful completion of our courses.

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