We offer more than just premium oils and greases. With Mobil ServSM oil analysis, not only can we determine the condition of your oils, but we can also assess the condition of the system’s components and identify potential wear and contamination at an early stage.

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Based on the analysis results as well as on OEM recommendations, your requirements, the lubricants selected and the existing operating conditions, our application engineers will draw up individual action plans to optimise your oil change and maintenance intervals. This helps to extend the service life of your units, reduce unscheduled downtime and repair costs, and increase your machine availability and productivity.

For upcoming oil changes, our application engineers will be happy to assist you. While accompanying the process they can develop an effective oil analysis programme which can be combined with other services such as system cleaning and filtration as part of our HWU Lubtec Fluid Management services.

Talk to us about a tailor-made oil analysis programme. We’d be happy to help.

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Benefits of Oil Analysis

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  • Higher system availability by optimising oil change intervals
  • Lower environmental impact thanks to reduced oil consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to longer system service life
  • Fewer risks during plant maintenance

Mobil Serv Oil Analysis Options

The Mobil ServSM oil analysis programme offers a variety of analysis options to suit specific industrial and vehicular applications. Below is an overview of the Mobil ServSM scope of investigation for each application.

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