Discover the potential of modern Mabanol Cut coolants and other Mabanol metalworking fluids as well as our tailor-made lubrication services to sustainably increase the service life and efficiency of your processing machines! Benefit from longer coolant and tool life, less waste and the highest levels of occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

> 75%

Less Top-Up Volume

in machining centres when using the high-performance coolant Mabanol Cut 249 BF

Fewer Products Needed

for tool making thanks to the general-purpose use of the high-performance coolant Mabanol Cut E 72 BF for machining and grinding operations

Up to 47%

Longer Tool Life

for Cimcom and DMG lathes when using the high-performance coolant Mabanol Cut Lub 16 G

By 200%

Extended Tool Life

for Sunnen honing machines when using the high-performance honing oil Mabanol Hone 5


Less Top-Up Volume

in machining centres when using the high-performance coolant Mabanol Cut 264 BF

> 30%

Longer Tool Life

for DMG and Index automatic lathes when using the high-performance cutting oil Mabanol Cut Lub 14 CF

These performance records are based on individual customer testimonials. Actual results may depend on the type of machine used and how it is maintained, operating and environmental conditions, and the lubricant previously used.

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The complexity of materials processing requires a professional selection of coolants in order to ensure maximum system availability and to increase and sustainably optimise the productivity of manufacturing processes. By using the innovative Mabanol Cut coolant technologies, our customers demonstrably consume fewer resources, reduce maintenance and repair costs as well as material and disposal costs while increasing the occupational health and safety of their employees.

Mabanol Cut coolants meet or exceed the requirements of operators of state-of-the-art metalworking machines. Significantly longer coolant life is achieved compared to conventional coolant technologies. Naturally, all Mabanol Cut products are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde separators and chlorine. They offer high pH stability and a natural resistance to bacterial growth, so additional substances such as bactericides and fungicides may be dispensed with. This precludes allergic reactions and improves workplace health and safety.

Thanks to the excellent wear protection and the optimally matched additive packages of the Mabanol Cut coolants, operators can extend the service life of tools and machine components and benefit from excellent machining performance, even for aluminium materials up to and including performance group 7000. Hard water stability up to 2,670 ppm (German: 150° dH) effectively prevents lime scale formation and the entry of tramp oils. Furthermore, machine operability is improved since oil mist is avoided and the machines remain extremely clean. In addition, the rinsing effect is stable over the long term. This makes it possible to reduce the top-up volume and consequently the need for coolants while lowering the amount of waste.

Our application engineers will be happy to develop an individual coolant concept for you, taking your wishes and production-specific parameters into account. Our accompanying coolant service programme will also be specifically tailored to your requirements.





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Mabanol Metalworking Fluids Product Range

Here you will find our innovative Mabanol product series for sustainable process optimisation in materials processing. The application matrices provide an initial overview of the possible uses of the individual products. Our application engineers will be happy to advise you personally on the right products for you.

Calculating the Refill Concentration for Water-miscible Coolants

Basic Information


Refill Concentration


Refractometer value to be read


It is not possible to completely lower the concentration to the desired target concentration.

Please increase the refill volume by partially emptying the tank. If you have any further questions about the procedure, please contact our lubricant experts.


  • Note the refractometer factor! Current concentration = refractometer reading x refractometer factor
  • Always use at least a 0.5% concentration for replenishment (otherwise there is a risk of reverse emulsion)
  • Always add water first, then the concentrate. Better yet: use a canister and drum mixer!

Lubrication Services

As part of our HWU Lubtec Fluid Management services, we have developed an extensive coolant service programme which perfectly supplements our product range of coolants and is tailor-made by our specialists in materials processing to meet your requirements.

Benefits of Sustainable Mabanol Cut Coolants

At a Glance

  • Improved sustainability in metalworking
  • Individually tailored to machining and follow-up processes
  • Extended coolant and tool life
  • Natural resistance to bacteria with no additional substances
  • Reduction of waste volumes
  • Highest level of workplace and environmental protection
  • Hard water stability up to 2,670 ppm (German: 150° dH)
  • Extensive coolant service programme
  • Mabanol brand-name quality

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