Discover the potential of Mobil Rarus™ compressor oils and our tailor-made lubrication services to sustainably increase the service life and efficiency of your compressors! Benefit from longer oil change and maintenance intervals, excellent wear protection and much more.

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Mobil Rarus™ compressor oils are premium lubricants for mobile and stationary compressors. They were developed especially for their diverse areas of application to meet the unique requirements of specific applications. Regardless whether it’s screw, vane or reciprocating compressors, in humid environments, extreme temperatures or food-related applications - Mobil Rarus™ compressor oils keep your compressors running smoothly.

Thanks to their high load bearing capacity, Mobil Rarus™ compressor oils provide excellent wear protection for bearings and gears even under the most adverse operating conditions. Excellent thermal and oxidation stability enables operation even under high compressor outlet temperatures and effectively prevents pressure-side deposits and coking. Combined with low evaporation loss, higher auto-ignition temperatures are avoided, so Mobil Rarus™ compressor oils significantly reduce the risk of fire and explosion, thereby increasing compressor performance and safety. In addition, the excellent plant and equipment protection can extend oil change intervals and reduce maintenance costs, so that sustainable productivity gains can be realised when using Mobil Rarus™ compressor oils.

Our experienced application engineers will work with you to evaluate the general conditions on-site in order to determine the demands placed on the compressor oil. Based on this, we will offer you tailor-made lubrication solutions and lubrication services for your compressors. Contact our application specialists now for your individual lubricant quote!

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Benefits of Mobil Rarus™ Compressor Oils

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  • Extended service life and reduced maintenance load
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Effective protection against deposits and coking
  • High level of thermal and oxidation stability at extreme compressor outlet temperatures
  • Low evaporation loss
  • Comprehensive product portfolio tailored to the diverse areas of application for compressors
  • Customised advice from our application engineers

Mobil Rarus™ Compressor Oils Product Range

Here you will find an overview of our high-performance Mobil Rarus™ compressor oils. Our application engineers will be happy to help you select the right compressor oil for your application.

Mobil Rarus SHC™ 1020 Series

High performance synthetic air compressor oils primarily intended for the lubrication of severe duty rotary screw and vane air compressors. Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability. Extension of oil drain intervals. ISO VG 32-68.


Mobil Rarus™ 800 Series

Supreme performance air compressor oils based on synthetic esters, primarily intended for the lubrication of severe duty reciprocating air compressors. Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability as well as high load-carrying capacity. ISO VG 100 & 150.


Mobil Rarus™ 400 Series

Ashless VDL air compressor oils for single and multistage air compressors. Strong anti-wear properties and high thermal stability. Reduce depositis in discharge lines. ISO VG 32-150.


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Lubrication Services for Mobil Rarus™ Compressor Oils

As part of our HWU Lubtec Fluid Management services, we provide tailor-made lubrication services for the use of your Mobil Rarus™ compressor oils in order to optimise the availability of your compressors and thus increase productivity.